Gopika Nath

Gopika Nath is a textile designer, fiber artist, writer and teacher who has worked with textiles since 1976. She is an alumnus of The Central School of Art and Design, London and was the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to the United States.
In addition to designing for the corporate sector and handloom industries, Gopika has created her own range of hand-printed sarees and scarves for some of Indian’s leading fashion designers, as well as for retail organizations and educational institutions. Working with various agencies through the Ministry of Textiles, Gopika has considerable experience working with crafts people in rural India and has undertaken projects for the design and development of fabric in bock printing with natural dyes, Ikat fabrics in cotton and silk, sarees, dhurries as well as Kashmiri hand-embroidered chain stitch fabric and Crewel rugs. She has also worked in the tribal region of Bastar, helping to revive the dying and handloom art of this region.

In her transition from commercial design to fine-art, Gopika has developed innovative embroidery techniques that draw on traditional methods. Her work has helped to dissolve the boundaries between craft and fine-art, as well as between engrained notions of traditional and contemporary art.

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  1. Kathryn, great work of art, absolutely love the details….especially the burning.
    Also, love the way the interview progresses from a Designer to Art scape.

  2. Frances Lindsay-Hills

    The interview itself was a work of art. Such graceful hand movements. I loved every minute of it, found it very inspirational and will re-visit every time I am feeling ill at ease with myself.

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