Manisha Parekh

In work that is both formally rigorous and highly intuitive, Manisha Parekh conjures a host of vivid associations and metaphors. Her versatile visual language of lush color saturated surfaces and suggestive forms alternatives with spare marks and stains painted with tea, watercolor, gouache and sumi ink.
In a fluent dialogue with process and form played out in multiple dimensions, Parekh exploits the expressive possibilities of handmade paper, textiles and quotidian sculptural materials.
Manisha Parekh lives and works in New Delhi. Her work is represented by Nature Morte Gallery.

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  1. Joyce Brodsky

    KKathryn-Her work is amazing. I am reminded of Zarina’s work. I am so excited by what you are doing. these videos have been so important to me as I study the works of contemporary Indian artists. What a grand task

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