V. Ramesh

Indian religion, philosophy and mythology, and the devotional fervor of Indian poet-saints, coupled with his own decades-long devotion to the Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi, inspires the luminous large-scale text/image paintings of V. Ramesh. Drawn to the transgressive lives, words, tenor and tone of four female Bhakti saints who lived in different times and places, V.Ramesh strives to express these poet’s exuberant and nuanced sensations of passion, piety, tranquility and intimacy, as well as insights regarding the truth of our existence. Ramesh honors the poets words through replication of text, but also attempts to create a sense of equivalency through his own unique versatile language as a visual artist. Pairing abstraction and representation, and arranging groups of paintings into a shrine-like structure, he creates both a physical and psychic space for transcendent contemplation. His luminous paintings carry forward an uncanny synchronicity of timeless and timely sentiment, voices from the past with boundless and abundant relevance for our society and times.

V. Ramesh lives and works in the coastal town of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and is a professor of art at Andhra University. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions, including the 2013 Delhi Art Fair, the Second Biennale at Havana, Cuba, the Bharat Bhavan Biennale in Bhopal, Vadehra Gallery Delhi and Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai. He is represented by Threshold Art Gallery in New Delhi where he has had several solo exhibitions including, “Why Cross the Boundary” and “A Thousand and One Desires”. Threshold Gallery has published a recent volume about his work and writings and a dvd on his installation, “Sanctum Santorum, A Corner for Four Sisters”.

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